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Even with everybody’s "fair share", Federal and, State highway dollars the County is still millions upon millions of dollars short of completing Hwy 41 before the year 2030 if then.
"Go to the "Madera County Transportation Commission" and ask to see the numbers"

MITIGATIONS:  These are only as good as the County wants them to be or should I say the Board wants them to be or should I break it down to the individual Supervisors.
(Movie Quote) Mitigations "are more what you call guidelines, than an actual rule".

 This is where any mitigation can be enforced.
If we want restrictions on issues it must be addressed in the CUP otherwise good luck.
 Even with Madera Quarry’s water monitoring program in the CUP, it took over 3 years and much frustration to get the County to comply.

LOCATION:   Directly between Eastern Madera County and all Medical facilities with only one road to share with everybody.

 The County is proposing an $18,000,000 "Competitive Sports Complex" located approx. 6 miles south of the Proposed Austin Quarry at Hwy 41 and Ave. 12.  
 Say it: "Children Competing in Sports" - Silica Dust Clouds - Diesel Exhaust etc.


The Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP)
Madera County 2014 Drought


We need residents of Oakhurst, Ahwahnee, North Fork and other areas of Madera County to help identify and maintain community bulletin boards with Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission agendas. To help out, contact Helen Brohm at jbrohm@sti.net

We need each member to identify and sponsor a new member from their neighborhood or anywhere else in Madera County.


Madera Oversight Coalition meets on the second Monday of the month.
Meetings are currently held at the Oakhurst Public Library - 49044 Civic Circle Drive, Oakhurst
Time of meeting is 6:00 P.M.
(559) 868-4400

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